The JARD AK Adjustable Trigger Upgrade is an easy way to improve your trigger pull.  This trigger upgrade gives you multiple pull weights ranging from 2-4 lbs. that the original factory trigger does not allow. Also, the sear engagement, over travel, safety fit, and springs are all adjustable to fit your needs. 

Order your Trigger  below by selecting the trigger pull weight for different situations, like hunting or target shooting.

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JARD AK Adjustable Trigger

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Part # Description Price
1379  2 lb. Trigger Kit $99.00 Buy Now
1380 3 lb. Trigger Kit $99.00 Buy Now
1630  4 lb. Trigger Kit $99.00 Buy Now

*Plus $7.45 For Shipping & Handling

** International orders will have a $40.00 charge added to order and only ship one trigger at a time.**

*Pull weights are approximate, depending upon sear engagement and lubrication.