Jard ARJ Trigger

Model: ARJ

Perfect for Home-Building ARs:

  • Available factory direct only
  • Hammer set sear engagement
  • Crisp pull, with variable pull weights
  • Weighted hammer for consistent ignition
  • Straight trigger provides additional mechanical advantage
  • Finger stop at bottom of straight trigger
  • Easy installation


JARD ARJ, Straight Trigger, Small Pin

Select pull weight*

Part # Description Price
3636  3 lb. Trigger Kit $65.00 Buy Now
3637  3.5 lb. Trigger Kit $65.00 Buy Now
3638  4 lb. Trigger Kit $65.00 Buy Now

*Plus $7.45 For Shipping & Handling

** International orders will have a $40.00 charge added to order and only ship one trigger at a time.**

*Pull weights are approximate, depending upon sear engagement and lubrication.