JARD, Inc. is committed to giving the best shooting experience.

JARD, Inc. Trigger Systems use leverage as an advantage.  By moving the sear location to the precise location, a smoother and lighter trigger pull is the result.

Everyone knows if you have a smooth crisp trigger pull, your accuracy will greatly improve.

The JARD Trigger Systems are designed to be adjustable to meet everyone's needs.  It requires little to no modifications to your gun.

We give a wide arrange of models to choose from.

Our growing gun accessories is another way to give our customers a great shooting experience. 

Spring 2018 Special Announcement:

Spring is finally here! Soon it will be time to throw lead down range to make sure you haven't lost your touch. It's also a good time to start thinking about deer season this fall. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare yourself to fill your tag this year - Last fall JARD introduced their new 450 BUSH MASTER, the new deer slayer of Iowa. This firearm has proven to be one of the most accurate rifles for deer hunting within its price range. This year we have set the goal of making sure everyone who wants a new 450 BUSH MASTER can get their hands on one. With that said, starting this Memorial Day through July 4th, we will be giving an extra 7 round magazine FREE with each 450 BUSH MASTER order. To capitalize on this offer, you must call in your order before noon on July 4th. So don't wait - Call us today at 1-712-324-7409! Orders will be filled by November 1st

New Product:

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