The JARD Ruger® Precision Rifle Trigger is an easy way to improve your trigger pull.  This trigger upgrade give you adjustability that the original factory trigger does not allow. This unit works on both center fire and rim fire. 

Order your Trigger  below by selecting the trigger pull weight you want.  You can also buy spring kits to change the pull weight for different situations, like hunting or target shooting. 

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Ruger® Precision Rifle Trigger.

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Part # Description Price
3786 Trigger group Ruger® Precision 8 oz $210.00* Buy Now
3787 Trigger group Ruger® Precision 14 oz $210.00* Buy Now
3788 Trigger group Ruger® Precision 16 oz $210.00* Buy Now
3789 Trigger group Ruger® Precision 20 oz $210.00* Buy Now
4123 Trigger group Ruger® Precision 32 oz $210.00* Buy Now

*Plus $7.45 For Shipping & Handling

** International orders will have a $40.00 charge added to order and only ship one trigger at a time.**

*Pull weights are approximate, depending upon sear engagement and lubrication.