The JARD Browning A-Bolt Trigger brings JARD’s exceptional trigger performance to the A-Bolt platform.  Experience the smooth, crisp pull of a JARD trigger and adjustability that the original factory trigger simply does not have.

*Trigger housing milled out of aircraft grade billet aluminum

Spring kits also available for further pull weight customization.

JARD Browning A-Bolt Trigger Manual

Browning A-Bolt Trigger Assembly.

Part # Description Price
1530 2 lb. Trigger Kit $247.50* Buy Now
1531 2.5 lb. Trigger Kit $247.50* Buy Now
1532 3 lb. Trigger Kit $247.50* Buy Now

*Plus $7.45 For Shipping & Handling

** International orders will have a $40.00 charge added to order and only ship one trigger at a time.**

*Pull weights are approximate, depending upon sear engagement and lubrication.