The JARD AR Module Adjustable Straight Trigger System features easy drop-in installation and provides a smooth, crisp trigger pull for your AR. 

*Trigger housing milled out of aircraft grade billet aluminum


  • Adjustment screws for pull weight, sear engagement, disconnect, and safety

  • Single stage operation

  • Weighted hammer for consistent ignition

  • 1.75 lbs. - 4.25 lbs. adjustable trigger pull

  • Straight trigger profile provides greater mechanical advantage

AR Module Adjustable Straight Trigger System

Part# Description Price
4295 1.75 - 4.25 lbs. Adjustable Trigger System $148.50* Buy Now

*Plus $7.45 For Shipping & Handling

** International orders will have a $40.00 charge added to order and only ship one trigger at a time.**