These instructions will help replace an old FAL Trigger with an upgraded JARD FAL Trigger. 


  • 5/32" Hex Key

  • 1/16" Hex Key

  • Phillips Screw Driver

  • Flat Head Screw Driver

  • Break Cleaner

  • 5/32" Punch

  • Hammer

  • Needle Nose Pliers

  1. Remove the magazine and visually check the chamber before further handling the rifle to verify it is not loaded.

  2. Push the takedown lever forward as shown in the picture up to separate the upper and lower assemblies.

  3. Then using a flat head screwdriver remove the pin holding the upper and lower assemblies together.

  4. Next, using a Philips screwdriver remove the grip from the bottom and remove the trigger guard.

  5. Remove the trigger push pin as shown in the picture with a needle nose pliers.

  6. With one hand on the hammer slowly release it by pulling the trigger.

  7. This will allow the hammer push pin to be removed from the lower assembly as shown in the picture.

  8. Turn the safety so the square notch in the lower assembly and the square tab on the safety line up and then remove the safety by pulling out.

  9. Next remove the pin keeper by turning it upwards.

  10. Using a 5/32" punch and hammer remove the pins holding the trigger and hammer in place and then remove the trigger and hammer.

  11. The picture on the left shows all of the parts that should be removed from the lower assembly.

  12. Using 5/32" or a 1/16" hex key remove the four screws in the JARD trigger. Then clean them with break cleaner and apply Loctite. Then reinstall and adjust.

  13. Next, with the trigger upside down place the spring into the designated hole and then place the trigger and spring into the lower assembly. Put in the trigger pin with a hammer.

  14. With the JARD hammer place it into the lower assembly and reinstall the pin with a hammer. Make sure the spring is above the trigger pin as shown in the picture.

  15. Next, reinstall the pin keeper by sliding it over the pins then pushing down as shown in the picture.

  16. Next, reinstall the safety by making sure the grove and the tab line up. Then reinstall both the trigger guard and the grip.

  17. With a 1/16” hex key adjust the over travel screw, ( the front screw on the trigger
    assembly), so the hammer misses the sear edge while the trigger is held in the
    fire position.

  18. Place the hammer in the cocked position. With a 1/16” hex key turn the sear
    engagement screw until the sear disconnects from the hammer (make sure the
    disconnect is not latched prior to doing this.) Then back off the screw about
    3/4 turn. (This amount of travel and sear engagement is needed for semi-auto rifles. This will prevent double fires and safe operation.) 

  19. While holding the disconnect rearward install the disconnect screw. (5/64” hex) Adjust so when the hammer is in the cocked position you can push down on the hammer and feel it brush against the hook of the disconnect as much as possible without hooking. (small amounts of screw rotation make large changes.)

  20. Put the upper and lower assemblies together and then reinstall the pin to hold together the upper and lower assemblies.

  21. Close the upper and lower assemblies together and then the upgraded JARD trigger is ready to use.