The JARD J450 is the ultimate semi-automatic deer or hog hunting rifle. Chambered in .450 bushmaster, it’s the optimal rifle for medium and big game hunting with straight walled case ammunition on a semi-automatic platform. Available for purchase either as an upper assembly or as a full rifle.

Jard J450 

Part # Description Price
4220 J450 7 Round Magazine $32.00* Buy Now
J450 12 Round Magazine $32.00* Buy Now
4223 J450 Upper Receiver Assembly (Includes one 7 Round Magazine) $796.80** Buy Now
4224 J450 Complete Gun (Includes one 7 Round Magazine) $998.00** Call

*Plus $4.20 For Shipping & Handling

**Plus $22.85 For Shipping & Handling


J450 7 Round Magazine



  • Upper Fits Mil Spec AR Lower

  • Caliber .450 Bushmaster

  • Semi-Automatic Gas Operated Direct Impingement System

  • Side Charging Handle

    • Great for use with optics!

    • No Tool disassembly required

  • Integrated Picatinny Rail on Upper

  • Threaded 20" Button Rifle Barrel (11/16-24)

    • Twist Rate 1:24

    • Pictured Muzzle Brake Included

  • Free Float Barrel and Forearm with M-Loc compatible slots

  • 7 Round Magazine Included