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Required Tools:

  1. Hammer

  2. Punch (1/16 tip)

  3. Allen wrench (1/8)


*Note: Installation images are for rimfire model. Guide is still applicable for center fire models (see denotes throughout guide).

Step 1: Verify Firearm is Unloaded

Step 1a.jpg
Step 1b.jpg

Verify that the magazine has been removed. Work the bolt to the rear position and verify that the chamber is empty.

Step 2: Remove Action From the Stock

Step 2a.jpg
Step 2b.jpg
  1. First, remove bolt by compressing the bolt catch button on the left side of the receiver while working the bolt back.

  2. Next, locate the allen screws on the underside of the stock and remove with 1/8 allen wrench. Set aside bolt, stock, and allen screws for later reassembly.

Step 2c.jpg

Step 3: Remove Trigger Assembly From Receiver

Step 3a.jpg
Step 3b.jpg
  1. Remove roll pins with 1/16 punch and hammer to detach factory trigger assembly from the receiver.

    *Note for rimfire models: When removing the trigger assembly from the receiver, use caution - guide block (pictured next to loose pins in second image) will become loose. This is a necessary component in installing your JARD trigger.

    *Note for center fire models: roll pin locations will be slightly different than those pictured.

  2. Set aside roll pins for later reassembly and transfer guide block to JARD trigger assembly (pictured below).

Step 3c.jpg

Step 4: Install JARD Trigger Assembly

Step 4a.jpg
Step 4b.jpg
  1. Align JARD trigger assembly with receiver and carefully start pins by tapping them with a hammer. Finish installing the pins with 1/16 punch and hammer until pins protrude slightly on opposite side of receiver.

Step 4c.jpg

2. Align receiver and JARD trigger assembly with stock and reinstall allen screws with 1/8 allen wrench.

Step 4d.jpg

Step 5: Reinstall Bolt and Perform Function/Safety Check

Step 5a.jpg
  1. Align bolt with receiver and work forward past bolt stop button to reinstall.

Step 5b.jpg

2. Once bolt is reinstalled, ensure once again that the firearm is not loaded. Put safety to the on position and ensure that the trigger does not release the hammer when pulled.


For further instructions on trigger adjustment, refer to owners manual sent with your JARD trigger system or view a digital copy here: JARD Ruger® American Trigger Assembly Manual