Tool needed: 5/32” allen wrench

Step 1:


Visually inspect chamber and magazine to ensure that the firearm is unloaded.

Step 2:


Remove the bolt by first having the bolt in the upright, unlocked position. Next, pull the trigger back completely. With the trigger pulled back completely, compress the bolt release lever. While compressing both the trigger and bolt release lever, slide the bolt back until it is free from the action.

Step 3:


Remove the action from the stock by loosening the two screws on the underside of the stock (circled in the first image above) with 5/32” allen wrench. The action should then come free from the stock.

Note: the forwardmost screw may come free from the rifle during dissasembly; this screw is required for reassembly.

Step 4:


Remove the factory trigger assembly by removing the pin cirlced in the images above. It may be easier to push the pin out from the left side of the action as seen in the second image above. With the pin removed, the factory trigger assembly should come free from the action.

Note: Take extra care while removing the factory trigger assembly as the sear return spring (cirlced in image below) may be under tension, giving it potential to fly off during removal.


Step 5:


Install JARD Savage Trigger System with use of factory safety bar and retention pin. To install, first hook in rear tab (see first image below), then rock the trigger system up and secure with retention pin.


Step 6:


Affix the action back to the stock with the two screws loosened before on the underside of the stock.

Step 7:


Reinstall the bolt in the action by first pulling the trigger back completely, then compressing the bolt release lever with the trigger pulled back. With both the trigger pulled back and the bolt release lever compressed, slide the bolt forward into the action.

Step 8:


With the rifle still unloaded, ensure that the safety is functional by putting the rifle on safe and testing the trigger. If the trigger releases the firing pin while the safety is engaged, ensure the trigger is installed properly and consult manual.